We are the Penticton & Area Women’s Centre (PAWC), a non profit Canadian organization that focuses on the health and well being of women. We built a community of women that share ideas
together, and information and advice that only women can give to each other. Subject like dealing with menstrual period, pregnancy and other women health issues.

Women in Canadian¬†society, despite their awesome contributions of economics, politics, education and all areas of society, still face a lack of equality in many areas of life. Institutions, social norms, traditions and religious laws continue to weaken women and girls in schools, at work, and the rabbinical courts, and continue to perpetuate inequality between the sexes. Women’s salaries lower than that of men; A large number of single mothers, older women, Arab, Ethiopian and CIS suffer from unemployment, poverty, poor health and a flagrant violation of fundamental rights; Help kids cure¬†hemorrhoids or other digestive issues, Orthodox monopoly on matrimonial law restricts the freedom of operation of Jewish women and Muslim women are facing enormous obstacles in their struggle for social equality, political, economic and religious.

The Fund has established and funded the majority of women’s organizations in Israel, including the Israel Women’s Network. Since 1980, the Fund operates as an incubator for burgeoning feminist dozens of organizations working at the local, regional and nationwide and to advance by leaps and bounds the rights of women in Israel. Activity in this field is extensive and includes, among other things, support dozens of organizations that promote the status of women in all walks of society – Orthodox, Bedouin, Arab and other. These organizations operate a wide range of areas: promoting long school day will allow mothers to go to work; Legal assistance to women vulnerable population groups; Development and support of small business are women; You grew up government budgets to support women and others.

Through seedling Foundation provides organizational consulting to dozens of women’s groups on issues of development of managerial capacity, management and Lobizm public relations, strategic planning and resource mobilization; Formulating and leading coalitions encompassing dozens of women’s organizations that fight against the trafficking of women, rights of women refused divorce, on behalf of single mothers, as well as in the field of employment and economic empowerment. Using Dafna Fund managed by the Fund, operated projects that promote women’s leadership and feminist values, such as the project of your voice – Religious Women’s Forum in collaboration with Bar-Ilan University that helps women interested integrate into the public arena.